A screenshot of the game Promptbox.
April 12, 2023


An AI assisted game of artistic telephone

If you’ve played the game Eat Poop You Cat or its more commercially acceptable Telestrations you know how fun it is to play a game of artistic telephone.

Basic Rules

Players go back and forth between drawing a prompt and guessing what the previous player drew. The game ends when the prompt reaches the last player.

Whats changed?

Promptbox is a game that takes that concept and adds a little AI to help players who have anxiety about not being able to draw play the game. In the end, the prompt and the players drawing are combined to create 3 images for the player to choose from. The next player sees the selected image and round and round it goes!

At the end of the game the whole chain is replayed, showing the prompt, the players drawing, and the AI assisted image.

Doodle of a dogAnimation of images made from a drawing of a dog

Headshot of Matt Furden

Hi! I'm Matt, a software engineer and artist based in the Central Coast of California. You can chat with me on Discord, see some of my work on GitHub or Instagram.