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December 28, 2023 1 min read

Hello 👋

A little about me.


Hi, I’m Matt Furden. I’m a software engineer and artist who loves to build things and learn along the way.

I also find myself teaching others a lot, so I thought I’d start writing down some of my thoughts and experiences here.

What I do

I’ve had a 16 year career in software development and every day is still a new experience as I can’t seem to stop trying to work on new types of projects and languages.

Depending on the post we might find ourselves talking about C#, Elixir, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Rust, Odin, or GDScript.

What I’m doing

I’ve been working on a game development project called Uprooted lately, so you’ll probably see a lot of posts about Godot.

Headshot of Matt Furden

Hi! I'm Matt, a software engineer and artist based in the Central Coast of California. You can chat with me on Discord, see some of my work on GitHub or Instagram.